Music criticism workshops with ed. Marczyński - recruitment results

We know the participants of the music criticism workshops conducted by editor Jacek Marczyński as part of the Second International Polish Music Competition on the 14th-18th of September. They differ in their education and interests, but have a common goal - to try their hand at the profession of a critic. A total of 33 applications were received for the music criticism workshop with editor Jacek Marczyński. The candidates included mainly musicians and musicologists, but also music theorists, composers, psychologists, journalists, philologists, and even a film scholar. 

Here is the list of qualified participants:

  • Fabian Dydaś
  • Gabriela Jarosz
  • Kalina Kibalska
  • Hanna Komorowska
  • Zofia Kubaszewska
  • Barnaba Matusz
  • Mateusz Rosicki
  • Paulina Szurgacz
  • Radosław Wieczorek
  • Bartosz Witkowski

Congratulations and good luck! We are very curious what kind of reviews will come out from the participants' pens (and keyboards). All the texts will be available at the The workshop is primarily a chance to see for yourself what the profession of a music critic is all about. The participants will listen to the performances of artists participating in the 2nd International Stanisław Moniuszko Polish Music Competition. Then, they will create reports and reviews published on an ongoing basis in the form of a competition chronicle.

The best participant will have an internship in the prestigious "Ruch Muzyczny", and his or her texts will be published in the magazine. Who knows, maybe thanks to our workshops some will become professional critics, reviewing the most important cultural events in the country and the world? We wish you this!

The music criticism workshop with editor Jacek Marczyński is organised by the National Institute of Music and Dance in cooperation with "Ruch Muzyczny" and Polskie Wydawnictwo Muzyczne.